Rütrance creates a fusion between the ancient and the new, ethnic but futuristic, harmonies that thrill and tribal grooves along with modern dance rhythms.


It proposes a multicultural vision unique in its kind which exhibits musicians with instrumentation based on several world drums, didgeridoo, handpan, seeds, kora, saxophone, native flutes and deep voices inspired by ancient songs; all weaving through subtle colors and synthesizers background with rhythms effects.


Inspired by the psychedelic trance and the reminder of the origins, the project easily combines electronic music, natural sounds and ancestral vibrations from around the world.

The audience can immerse themselves in a therapeutic trip, joyful, hypnotic and ceremonial. 

The Rütrance show offer an scenic experience that introduce us in a ritual dimension, inviting the public to a travel through the music, the dance, the visual, the fusion between the tribalism and the organic trance.


​The proposal takes the ritual components of the trance concept, searching to immerse the people in a dreaming state, with hypnotic and progressive features, diving in a constant movement of sensations and sound landscapes.


Inspired in various cosmovisions of ancestral cultures, this band is coupled to the transmission of a message that appeals to the sensibility of the relationship between the human and the nature.

Rütrance in Networks:


Born in November 2015, Chile, Rütrance started in the mind of the Chileans musicians; Vinzen Inqui Nairü, Camilo Rizomma, Manu Leiva and shortly after inviting Kristian Kyma, Jose Mindout, Pamaki, Cristian Cor,

the band was complete.


2016 was the year where the project made his first tour in the south of Chile-Argentina, playing at festivals and several kind of events.


In the middle of this travel Rütrance was invited to O.Z.O.R.A Festival (Hungary), one of the most important psychedelic gathering of the world, the biggest dream of the band.

With this invitation in 2017 and 2018 the project made 2 Europe Tour in Italy/Hungary/France/Belgium/Slovenia, playing at Wao, Samsara, Les Féeries de Montclus, O´zenergie, Taka Tuka Island, in the mythical “Dragon Nest” stage at OZORA Festival and other events.


In Autumn of 2018, Rütrance recorded his first album “Profecía Atemporal” at “Studio del Sur”, one of the most recognized music studio in Chile. This album is a very brave bet, exploring with no limits the creativity of the

collective composition, had like result a wonderful journey full of power and emotions.


In the second Europe Tour, more than 1000 copies of the album were sold in this very successful experience.

Now Rütrance inspired to their musicians to grow in differents projects, emerging the idea of the creation of “Rü Family Music”, a collective label that joins all this music proposals in the fusion of the ethnic, the tribal and electronic music, like “Orgänica Elemental” and “Nintü”. 


Rütrance is always in the process of learning and creativity to offer unique experiences for people in each show.
The project is currently developing its second album with a smaller members format and a new set of instruments.


The release date of this new album and show will be announced by all networks, closing the chapter “Profecía Atemporal” that lasted approximately 3 years.


Management & Booking:
(+56 ) 9 7761 8181