The Orgänica Elemental project is Electro Tribal music. Sounds with roots and rustic essence, strongly influenced by African, progressive and minimalist music.


It is a duo that rescues instruments from «World Music» and introduces them to various styles of Electronic such as «Andean Downtempo» or «Progressive».


A Live Act of original music with world percussion interpretation through a digital sampler with sounds like Handpan, Marimba, Dunun, Tubular Bells, Toms, Cymbals, Snares, etc. Plus a live performer of winds such as the Saxophone, Traversed Flute, Quena, Shakuhachi and Clarinet.


Leading the project is the Chilean percussionist and producer of the “Rü Family Music” collective; Vinzen Inqui Nairü and in the winds the talented Manuel Leiva, both from the Ethno-Trance band “Rütrance”, performing widely across Europe on the Psytrance scene.


The fusion between deep, emotional harmonies and enveloping rhythms creates a hypnotic experience, a mystical journey through space and time that generates a ritual atmosphere, unites the old and the new, a balance between an introspective and extrospective dance experience.



Born in March 2019, Chile. Orgänica Elemental started in the mind of the Chilean musician; Vinzen Inqui Nairü, experimenting jam sessions with the Hand Pan builder; Manu Celestial and the flute player Mauricio Arratia which resulted in the creation of 2 songs; “Tejido Origen” and “Templo Andino” in Olmué, Chile.


Shortly after the first official concert in Montemapu Festival 2019, Vinzen invite Camilo Rizomma (Nintü Producer) to be his guest on percussions, digital effects and chants on the Europe Tour 2019.

With only three months of life, Orgänica had 3 months of Europe Tour doing 18 concerts in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia. Playing at festivals like O.Z.O.R.A, Antaris Project (Opening Main Stage), Taka Tuka Island, Festival de la Terre and others.


In January 2020, Manuel Leiva, saxophone player and many other winds, began to be part of Orgänica adding to the project all the richness of live melodies, forming a powerful duo full of tribal and rhythmic percussions and deep winds of the world.

Now they  are preparing their first album.


Management & Booking:
(+56 ) 9 7761 8181