The NINTÜ project mix the Ethnic Electronic Music and the live music performance, offering a trip that goes through several styles of electronic music (Andean Downtempo, Deep House, Tribal Trance, Worldbeats, Minimal and Dub Techno, etc) impregnated with an outstanding progressive feature, enriched by diverse influences of world music (Afro, Latin, Oriental, Arabian, etc). Each track is inspired by particular cultures, getting a warm, organic and tribal taste that takes the audience to different places of the world.


 This music travels balanced between the underground and the spatial, the earth and the ethereal; situating us in deep and mysterious passages; as well as in bright and temperate atmospheres, always maintaining a dreamlike character inside groovy rhythms.


The music producer Camilo Rizomma mixing his own tracks creates a particular journey that can be accompanied by musicians guests, introducing to the set an alive and emotional sensation, achieving a delicious mixture between the electronic and the human feeling.

Nintü in Networks:


The NINTÜ Project was created by Camilo Rizomma in 2017 as a be-side project of Rütrance.
Camilo started to experimenting with digital and concrete sound sources, making soundtracks for theatre plays while he studied Acting between 2010 and 2014.


In 2016 Camilo began to play in “RÜTRANCE” band as a percussionist and sound designer, this project is very tribal and progressive in the line of ethnic organic trance music. This experience gave Camilo a decisive influence in his personal research; this one began to be more and more musical in reference to electronic music with several experimental tracks until 2017 when Camilo found at least a style of composition that satisfied him. He called it NINTÜ, because he woke up with this name after a dream, then he discovered that Nintü is a sumerian goddess that creates the first humans on Earth.


At this point, NINTÜ was mainly a “Ethnic Psytrance” project, but on 2017 and 2018 in the RÜTRANCE EUROPE TOURS, Camilo was in several big and important festivals and cities that have a huge culture of electronic music; he knew so many different artists and styles that gave him an enormous thirst of creation with no limits of styles or genres.


This way, NINTÜ develop a research of mixing different electronic dance music styles with music from different places and cultures of the world. With this, the project is very focused in envolving rhythms and ethnic melodies that take the listener to different states and atmospheres. 


In the last year, NINTÜ have incorporated musicians guests in the creative and performative process. Pamaki, the main female voice in RÜTRANCE and Mauricio Arratia; a very versatile musician who plays a lot of latin american instruments. This new feature of the project gives it a warm heart to the sound achieved creating an intense and emotive electroacoustic musical proposal.


With this formation, NINTÜ had 3 months of a Europe Tour in 2019, playing around Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary, being part of big festivals of the electronic and psychedelic culture as O.Z.O.R.A., Antaris Project, Taka Tuka Island, Art Lake Festival, having a very nice reception for his special taste in the compositions. “NINTÜ achieve introduce a soul into the electronic music, and this gives to the audience a deep experience”.


Management & Booking:

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